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My golden winter by aquadore My golden winter :iconaquadore:aquadore 4 5 A Pirates Life for Me by aquadore A Pirates Life for Me :iconaquadore:aquadore 1 0
ZW '11: Masquerade
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender nor the characters used in this fan-fiction.
A/N: Zutara Week is finally upon us! Due to the tragic events in Norway I will not be able to participate as I planned. I will do some of the prompts yes, but I will not do all and I will not follow the 'deadline'. The stories will come when they're ready. Hope you enjoy them and please comment.
Zutara Week 2011 – Day 1, Mask
The sound of clicking heals echoed through the long corridors of the Fire Nation palace. She was late, and not your normal fashionably late, but really late. To be honest she really hadn't planned on participating on this glorious event taking place this evening. Sokka had pleaded her you join in on the festive but she refused.
Her long blue dress twirled around her f
:iconaquadore:aquadore 0 0
Two Worlds Chapter 1
Two Worlds
Chapter 1
About a hundred years ago Fire Lord Sozin ruled in the Fire Nation. He was a cruel and heartless man who ruled the land with an iron fist. He hungered for more power and after a while he started to invade the other nations as well. Enslaving people from the earth kingdom, water tribes, even the air nomads. Sozin's cruelty was harsh and the world was in deep pain and fear of their lives if they did not gave up to the evil Lord. Many tried to fight back and that started an endless and pointless war which only led to failure and loss.
The Spirits watched as the mortals fought for their right to be free and felt sorry for them. Even though their power were much greater than the power of the Fire Lord they could not do anything about him. Instead they created a magic sceptre which they gave to one of the Water Tribe Chiefs. He had seen the cruelty which the Fire Lord had forced up
:iconaquadore:aquadore 7 11
Fragile Hearts - Chapter 5
Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar the Last Airbender nor the characters used in this fan-fiction.
A/N: Wow.. So it's actually been over a year since the previous chapter. I suddenly feel very ashamed of myself. I promise to straighten up and kick some sense into my muses so that they wont abandon me ever again. Hope you like this chapter. Comments are much appreciated.
Fragile Hearts
Chapter 5
She laid with her head on his shoulder looking at the flames as the danced in perfect unison with each other. Her breath became calmer and calmer until Zuko thought she was asleep. He brushed the bang away from her face only to find that she wasn't asleep. She had a blushed color on her cheeks and she was smiling. "I'm really glad you invited me to stay Zuko, thank you." He smiled an
:iconaquadore:aquadore 13 19
Quiet Lounge by aquadore Quiet Lounge :iconaquadore:aquadore 0 0 Happy Train Ride by aquadore Happy Train Ride :iconaquadore:aquadore 0 1 Ice Ice Baby by aquadore Ice Ice Baby :iconaquadore:aquadore 0 0 Music of the Heart by aquadore Music of the Heart :iconaquadore:aquadore 31 6 Love does not fail by aquadore Love does not fail :iconaquadore:aquadore 28 20 I like it old school by aquadore I like it old school :iconaquadore:aquadore 18 5 Rock and roll princess by aquadore Rock and roll princess :iconaquadore:aquadore 1 6 Can you see it? by aquadore Can you see it? :iconaquadore:aquadore 1 0 Mighty Colors by aquadore Mighty Colors :iconaquadore:aquadore 3 0 Beauty needs no colours by aquadore Beauty needs no colours :iconaquadore:aquadore 3 0 Beautiful Fading by aquadore Beautiful Fading :iconaquadore:aquadore 1 0


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I have returned to the beautiful world of deviantART! And hopefully I am back for good this time!
The feeling of something missing have been bothering me for quite some time now and I do believe
I have figured out what that feeling was all about.
I need to be able to express myself through photography and literature. Writing and getting my feelings
out from my head before it explodes. Work and education has kept me occupied, but now there's finally
some time to get these feelings out and start writing again and spreading my creative wings (if there are
any creativity left in me that is)

Hopefully my previous watchers will keep following me and some new might find their way.
Please let me know if you're an old watcher or a new one and what you like, and what you
want to see more of. Anything will help right now :) (Smile)

Thanks for all your love and support!

xx Aquadore
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Beate Ler°y ~
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
19 years old and living in God forsaken place in Norway. I love writing, I mostly post fan-fiction but I do have a few original pieces I share also, but I'm a perfectionist so not many of them get to go online.
I'm also a hoby photographer and manipulator. Feedback and comments are highly appreciated as it is the only way for me to actually know what to improve on and such.




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