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I have returned to the beautiful world of deviantART! And hopefully I am back for good this time!
The feeling of something missing have been bothering me for quite some time now and I do believe
I have figured out what that feeling was all about.
I need to be able to express myself through photography and literature. Writing and getting my feelings
out from my head before it explodes. Work and education has kept me occupied, but now there's finally
some time to get these feelings out and start writing again and spreading my creative wings (if there are
any creativity left in me that is)

Hopefully my previous watchers will keep following me and some new might find their way.
Please let me know if you're an old watcher or a new one and what you like, and what you
want to see more of. Anything will help right now :) (Smile)

Thanks for all your love and support!

xx Aquadore
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 29, 2011, 3:08 AM
Stop killing my stories with your logic!

Whel, it's more like reality is killing my stories. I've been trying to get some ideas these past few days but none have awakend from this twisted mind of mine. Only completely new ideas for new stories that has nothing to do with the ones I'm working on. Stupid fantasy... Y U NO OBEY ME?

But anyways, thought I'd ask you guys for help while I at the same time try to locate all of my idea-sheets - yes, I do have idea-sheets for when I make stories. I tend to write down the whole plot, and some times even the plot for each chapter. I can't find them since my room seems to have been invaded by drunk zombies.. So please, if you guys have any ideas or suggestions as to what you wish for to happen next in ANY of my on-going stories; PLEASE TELL ME I WANT TO KNOW! Normally I don't like it when other people interfere or try to brainstorm me about MY stories. >their mine godammit!< The only one that has ever been allowed to brainstorm with me (I actually demanded her to brainstorm with me..! Now brainstorm, bitch!) is :iconlittlegrapefruit: But I will include you watchers in this wonderful journey with me. Shout out all of your ideas, plans, suggestions etc. and maybe that will trigger some writing wave.

And furthermore I really.. and then I mean from the bottom of my heart - REALLY >HATE< THUNDERSTORMS!!! Why can't that stupid-ass Thor just play nicely with the other kids? Geez.. Stop being such an angry bastard and then take a vengeance stroll on your stupid wagon.. Last night I couldn't sleep. At first it was just the whole world liting up and THEN some serious *KABOOMBAAAMKRSHHBOOOOOM* and then the next thing I knew.. my. bed. started. shaking. As if I'm not scared enough already? =( I've never liked thunderstorms they are scary. When I was little I always ran into my parents room and hid safely there. But I'm 19 now so I feel like I can't do that anymore. And another thing, I'm still single so I don't have any boyfriend to force in my bed as protection from Thors raving rage. I hate my life. Glad I have music. Around 4:30am(after listening to thunder non-stop for 4hours) I figured I could put my headphones on and tune up the best rock'n'roll I have on my iPhone. And yes. It worked. Volume on max and I fell asleep after like two or three songs. I love Rock ^^ <3 I will build a pillow fort tonight if the storm continues though, and then I'll make my littlebrother stay there with me too. He's such a brave kid.

xx Aquadore

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The love of fan-fics

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2011, 7:03 PM

It's official! This years Zutara week is taking place;
Monday, July 25th - Sunday, July 31st

And our themes are:

Day 1: Mask
Day 2: History
Day 3: Social Networking
Day 4: Secret
Day 5: Awkward
Day 6: Legendary
Day 7: Caught

And as last year I will try to submit something for every category, even though I think I'll have quite the struggle figuring out a way to do Day 3.. Well, I'll probably figure something out.I always do :)

And as you might notice I am now officially a premium member! Took me long enough don't ya think?

This only marks my dedication on trying to come back to you guys with more fan-fics. And I will try to focus a bit more on my photographing.

xx Aquadore

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Hello all my lovely watchers and all new passing by'ers!

I know that everytime I update my journal or add a new deviation I promise to start on my stories again..

Well this time I PROMISE I'll post something during the summer. Zutara week 2011 is coming up so I've decided to attend this year as well, so at least there'll be some one-shot stories for you.

As for the other stories I have, I'll try my best to update some new chapters. Just finished reading through my zutara fic 'Fragile Hearts', so I'll try finding some inspiration to continue this story. I don't want to force the inspiration because then the story and chapters might en up rushed and I wont get everything that I want in there. So please be patient with me guys.

And I love you all for faving and commenting.

And yea, I am an apprentice now so even though it's summer vacation for you school folks it's not vacation for me.. I still have to work long hours and late nights and it's seriously starting to kill my writing abilities! But I will make it work and I will return to dA fulltime :)
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Sooo, heard about this thing called Site Talk? It's just like Facebook, only better (THEY actually DO have a dislike button!!! Yes, yes they do)

What is Sitetalk?
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If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with the person that sent this to you for more information and follow up.

SiteTalk Team Norway
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We all love them, don't we? Some love the sparkling kind (I myself do not... I mean, sparkling? >_<), some love the evil kind, the one that bring terror and fear into everyones heart and soul as their names are mentioned! I love the conflicted ones, the ones with a soft spot ^^

So I've started a new story (yes, yes I have.. I am sorry... *avoids angry mob* please do not kill me for this!)

It's based off of a movie called 'The Twins Effect' or as it's called in us; 'The Vampire Effect'. I decided to use the US movie name for the story, it was either that or; Heart of a Vampire.. Come to think of it, I might change the title later on.. hmmh.. :)

Read the prologue for the story here:

I would love some feedback and comments on it ^^

And no, I have not forgotten my other stories, still working on those ;)
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It's finally here my fellow Zutarians! The week we've been waiting for all year; Zutara week!
This is my first year contributing so this is sort of a huge deal for me and I'm extremely psyched! Yaaay ^^

After looking at the prompts for this year I've decided to make the stories connect, so that it'll be a story with sort of chapters, only jumping a little. *tehe*

First Prompt is family which is an introduction to Zutara week. The stories takes place one year after Sozins comet.

The following prompts are; Change, Pain, Date, Alternate Universe and Storm. Alternate Universe will be the only story not connected to the others since it sort of difficult to make it all fit when they suddenly change universe, duh O.o

Wanna join, or simply just read the amazing stories posted, or look at the beautiful art? Check out the official group: :iconzutara-week:
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Will you carry me down the aisle that final day?
Ok, so I guess I have to give you an explanation for why I haven't posted new chapters or stories yet. In the beginning of June I lost one of my dearest friends. I have been in this sort of black hole lately and only with thoughts of regret, sorrow, feeling of being empty and left alone has hauned me lately. I wrote a Zutara based on my feelings and the situation I have replayed in my head over and over again since he died. What whould've happened if I handled it differently and such. But I guess I just have to live with it, try to get over it and think of all the happy memories we shared, luckily there has been a lot of them. The Zutara story; Until death do us part, is dedicated to him and a good explanation on why I haven't written or made a sound these few weeks.

Let the rain fall down and wash away your pain..
BUT, over to more happy things! Zutara-week is right around the corner (ok ok, it's not until another month, but hey! This is my first year participating, so I'm reeaaaly excited about it!)
I've read the prompts and already have some GREAT ideas for stories to go with them! Can't wait to get started on the first prompt. I will probably start with the stories now, since I want them to be perfect before posting them. I want to be proud of my submission for this years Zutara-week, it is after all my favourite pairing we're talking about here! So hey, stop judging me ;)

And I've started on the next chapter in the Fragile Hearts story, hopefully this will be up by the end of the week *cross your fingers*

COMMENT ON MY STORIES GUYS, I love comments!!! =D (almost more than I love faves!?! ;O )

Challenges/contests I'm participating in:…

Groups/Clubs I'm member of:
:iconzutara-fans: :iconzutara-ship-club: :iconavatar-fan: :iconzutara-nation:
:iconfanfictionasylum: :iconwriters-club: :iconnarutoxcouplesxclub:
:icongetwatchers: :icon100themeschallenge: :icon100themechallenge:
:icontipsandtricks: :icontheme-week:

Check 'em out:
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Finally gotten some time to write :) New chapters for both the Zutara story and the KakaSaku story, yay me ;) And I've also posted my entry for the ongoing contest on Zutara-Nation. Now I just wait for their approval of it.

If you have any ideas on plots I can use in my stories or pairings this would be much appreciated! This summer I will announce a little contest as well, as I would love to me introduced to your arts :)

But yea, I prefer writing Zutara at the moment, so please give me usefull plots to use for them (even though I have many plots in my head already, I can never get to many now can I? ;pp)

Until next time: Read, comment and favourite my work <3 I LOVE comments ;D

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:icongetwatchers: :icon100themeschallenge: :icon100themechallenge:
:icontipsandtricks: :icontheme-week:

Check 'em out:
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I'm really sorry for my long silence. Not planned, it's just that I've had so much to do in my real life that writing has not been on my priority list at the moment.
But this will change!(I hope!!!) I've joined another Zutara group *laughs*: Zutara-nation.
Check it out! And well, I've decided I HAVE to write some more to warm up to the upcoming the Last Airbender movie which is to be released this summer.

Until next time: Read, comment and favourite my work <3 I LOVE comments ;D

Challenges/contests I'm participating in:…

Groups/Clubs I'm member of:
:iconzutara-fans: :iconzutara-ship-club: :iconavatar-fan: :iconzutara-nation:
:iconfanfictionasylum: :iconwriters-club: :iconnarutoxcouplesxclub:
:icongetwatchers: :icon100themeschallenge: :icon100themechallenge:
:icontipsandtricks: :icontheme-week:

Check 'em out:
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Story updates and information:
~ I now have about 5 different stories ongoing. Two of them are my own original stories, two are Naruto fan-fic and one is a Zutara tribute.
~ Sen no Yoru wo Koete(original story) and the Master/Slave Naruto fan-fiction will be put on hold.
~ I will jump a little back and forth between, Attractive Illusions, Fragile Heart and The New Teacher and write what comes most natural to my state of inspiration.

The following list cointains direct-links to the chapters of my ongoing stories.

Fragile Heart [Zutara]
chapter 1 -…
chapter 2 -…

The New Teacher [KakaSaku]
chapter 1 -…
chapter 2 -…

Attrative Illusions [Original Story]
chapter 1 -…
chapter 2 -…
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I've started on a new KakaSaku story. This one is called; The New Teacher. It takes place in our own time. They are not ninjas but normal people. Sakura is attending college and working as a teacher at the Martial Arts Academy in her town. She is a strong person, has many friends and focuses on her school and martial arts training, but as soon as this new person arrives, a new teacher, she is somehow captured by his being and starts to loose grip of her normally controlled personality.

I hope to make this story filled with alot of lust and mystery. Hopefully it will not focus entirely on KakaSaku, but maybe even a little Kiba x Ino and NaruHina :) I just have to see how much effort I'm willing to put in it xD

Chapter one can be found here;…
Chapter two will be posted in a couple of hours :D

And one more thing, there will soon be another story. Not a Naruto Fan-fic, but an Avatar: The Last Airbender fan-fic =D I've finally finished re-watching all three seasons and am now eager to get started on a story. But this one I will have to plan a little, because I want it to be a great story with alot of chapters that includes; love, action, jealosy, lust, hate and friendship.

I'm so glad you have been patient with me during my "dry season", tihi ^^ And I hope you will take me back with open arms and give me some response and tips on my work ^^

I'm so glad to be back :D
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First of all I would like to thanks all of my faithful watchers that they haven't abandoned me yet! Thanks guys, I wouldn't survive without you <3
And to all of my new watchers: THANKS FOR WATCHING ME!! =D
Keep commenting on my stuff, even though it's old and retarded, feedback on my work is ALWAYS welcome.

And then to the main subject:
Okaay, I am now officially super psyched about this certain movie coming out in July!
It's a movie based on my all-time favourite series in the whole wide world:
"Avatar! The Last Airbender. The Legend of Aang."
I'm taking with me :iconlittlegrapefruit: because I know she's just as excited about this as I am,
As a matter of fact: she was the first one to hear the news after I found out that they were making a movie about it! :D
I am REALLY REALLY looking forward to the summer now – more than ever!! <3

And what do I spend my days doing before this great event? Downloading every single episode of the show and re-watch every single one of them =)
This is also a perfect way for me to start writing again! After watching one episode I always get tons of inspiration for a fan-fic for this show, but I've never actually been brave enough to do so.
But I think that with the movie coming up in just a few months – it's a sign for me to start writing some serious Avatar – fan-fiction :D
And NO!! The SHOW Avatar, has NOTHING to do with the MOVIE Avatar! They are totally different things – so don't bother asking me about it :p
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The Lost Symbol

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 2:34 AM
Hi guys :)
So I've bought the new novel by Dan Brown in the Robert Langdon series(Da-Vinci Code, Angels and Demons): The Lost Symbol!
I've just started reading it and only reached chapter 3, but still I can tell that this is not gonna be a disapointment! I'm realy looking forward to getting time to read the whole thing through :D Maybe I should do it next weekend, dedicate a whole weekend for reading Dan Browns new book, that sounds great actually :p

And I'm realy very sorry for not being able to update any new stories for a while! I'm sorry =( Hope you can all forgive me!! Gomene.. I just don't feel inspired these days =/ So much drama is happening in my life and for some reason my brain has been unable to work that frustration and feelings into words on paper as it did before. Well.. I'll just cross my fingers and hope for the best :) I was thinking to read through some of my on-going works and try to find a way to continue them, and read more stories by other authors, maybe then I'll get some inspiration :)

So if you know of any good fan-fic authors here on dA or other places: PLEASE, don't hesitate to tell me =D

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Yes!! It's true, allt he rumours you've heard about this crazy ass norwegian girl going all crazy on Twitter the last 6-7 hours has been comfirmed. I'M ON TWITTER!! haha, is'nt that just amazing ? x'D I've been thinking about it for a long time actually, to start an account there, actually I think I had one a while back but I deleted it 'cuz I didn't rly understand the meaning of it O.o I mean, u can't even post a long entry, just a post on maximum 140 words! how lame! But still, I find Twitter kind of entertaining, took me an hour to decide for my design and another hour trying to make it exactly as I imagined it :p How fun how fun ^.^

So please, follow me on Twitter guys =D And if u leave a note or just letting me know ur from dA I will follow u too =D ;D

Oh and one more thing, I'm going to the cinema later today with my family, we're gonna watch Ice Age 3 :D yaaay <3 I love Sid <3 (NB!; He's much more fun in the norwegian version, gotta love Dagfinn Lyngbø doing his voice, it totally fits!! x'D) So If I'm lucky I might get some ideas and write a fic when I get home, I realy hope so! :)

- - - - - -
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening credits: Barry Manilow - Mandy ... Oooh, I love this song :D <3
Waking up: RubZ - Realiteten ... Ooh, what a deep song <3
First day at school: Iron Maiden - Hallowed be thy name ... Haha, sweet :D
Falling in love: Wild Strawberrys - Du Är Den Som Jag Vill Ha!(You are the one I want) ... aww, it fits too :D <3
Fight song: Savage Garden - I knew I love you .. uhm.. OK. O.o
Breaking up: RL (Of Next) - 4Eva ... Aww, it's rly cute, but don't rly fit for breaking up tho ;p
Prom night: Seal - Amazing .. Haha :D awezum x'D
Life: Ken Ring - Flashback från Häktet ... ooh, niice =D
Mental breakdown: Pussycat Dolls - Elevator .. haha, okaaay :D
Driving: The Killers - All These Things That I've Done .. Oh yea :D
Flashback: Demi Lovato - Don't Forget .. Wiii, yeaaa :D
Getting back together: Departure - Systematics .. hoho, okay then x'D
Wedding: RubZ - Feysal i Bergen .. hahah x'D No thanks :p
Birth of child: Rubz ft. Low-Ky - Sommer .. haha. okey? :p
Final Battle: Savage Garden - Hold me .. hahahahaha x'D wtf?!
Funeral Song: RubZ & PrebeN - Ingen Tvil .. awww <33
Final Credits: Munga - Fi Free .. haha, okthen :p
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And so the day came, for my first round of the year on the golf course :D <3 The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, I got blisters on my fingers and toes, I got really really tired at the end, had some real good shots sometimes and some REAL crappy ones, and I LOVED it :heart: I am so glad my dad forced me to go today x'D
It seems like I'm not gonna continue on the elite team, but that suits me just fine, 'cause when I'm on the elite team they expect so much from me and suddenly golf isn't fun anymore :S This year I'm just gonna play for fun, and hopefully I'll get bitten by the Golf Bug again ;) Besides, me and my dad agreed on that tuesday is father/daughter-golfing day :D :heart:
I'm so happy. I finally get to spend alot more time together with my dad, which is my hero and I love him 'till I die! He's the coolest person that I know, and I really want our father/daughter relationship to strengthen so that when I grow up(which I hopefully never will), we won't slip apart like most families do :P
  • Listening to: September - Can't get over(Dave Ramone Edit) :D &l
I think my writing days are soon over >.>
I hate to say it guys, but lately I haven't even bothered to check new messages or deviants on dA! And when I logged on today for like the first time in many months I found that I had over 700 deviations and over 400 messages awaiting me ... O_O
Time is really not on my side and I'm very very afraid of the fact that I might bid my goodbyes soon. ;S
I really don't want to, but as time has shown and as my notebook is still blank ... It's just about time that we realise the facts. There is just no time for dA anymore.
School is killing me, my social life is killing me, my love-life has finally started to blossom, but it's hanging by a thin-thread so I have to nurture it carefully.
So, guys. I will not leace you, yet that is! BUT, I will now go on my formal hiatus from writing and blogging here with you guys.
Please be patient and I will soon return, and hopefully with a good story or two :)

P.S.: Just so that it's said and out; I will NOT quit, BEFORE I've FINISHED all on-going projects/stories. BUT it might take TIME. So.. Until next time (which I fear will be in the summer): Sayonara <3 and take care :)
  • Listening to: Yiruma - River flows in you &lt;3
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening credits: Ironik - Smile ... I mean wtf? It's not even a song, it's an instrumental, and it's weird! xD
Waking up: Changing my life - Focus ... aaah, this song is so coool :D <3 I miss FMwS.. ><''
First day at school: RED - Gave it all away ... Ooh, that's a beautiful song <3
Falling in love: Phil Collins - No way out .. oh noes!! It's kawaii-desu, but it's not a fall in love song.. ;/
Fight song: Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train .. HELLYEAH :D Go crazy Ozzy ;D
Breaking up: Takida - Runaway ... YES!!! YES YES YES!!! IT SOOO FITS!! >:O
Prom night: Kery Hilson - Energy <3 ooh maj gaawd <3
Life: Gaute Ormåsen - I'm not supposed to love you anymore ... Man... That's so.. harsh O_O
Mental breakdown: Smile Empty Soul - Eraser .. YEAH (H) awsumeness ;D
Driving: FullMoon wo Sagashite - Sayonara .. aaaah, so awesumely cool :D
Flashback: Matt Goss - It's the end of the road. NOOO!! NOT THE EEEND >:O
Getting back together: Skye Sweetnam - Get tangled up in me .. YEAHFUCK :D
Wedding: Chris Brown - Wall to wall ... omfg what xD ?
Birth of child: Paparoach - Obsession ... yeah, take my money dammit ><'
Final Battle: Enrique Iglesias - Hero .. hahahaha XD OMG *I DIES* x'D
Funeral Song: Nick Lachey - I cant hate you anymore.. ;/ <,3 heart breaking!!
Final Credits: Hinder - Better than me.. OH NOEES ;'( whut a sad ending :O

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The rules are:
Choose a singer/band/group.
Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group.
Tag 6 more people (let them know they've been tagged).

I chose; AFI

Are you male or female?
Midnight Sun

Describe yourself!
Silver and Cold

What do people feel when they're around you?
Death of Seasons

How would you describe your previous relationship?
Half-Empty Bottle

Describe your current relationship.
A single second

Where would you like to be now?
Miseria Cantare

How do you feel about love?
Sing the sorrow

What's your life like?
Perfect fit

What would you ask for if you had only one wish?
Bleed Black

Say something wise.
Girl's not grey (H)

I tag all of you :D
  • Listening to: Rod stuart &amp; Tina turner - it takes two
Hi guys. Missed me? I sure have been missing you. But allot of things are happening in my life. There are allot of tests at the moment, they really are trying to kill us. I got my first A on a science test :D I be a smart person ftw! School is just the same. Allot of stress, not knowing wether I chose the right line or what, but I think I did. I want to be a baker or something like that :) But we just have to wait and see ^_^

We have a healer in our class :D Some of you might say; "a healer? wtf? He's just a fraud! A 16 year old cant be a healer!" Well, he is. He has been reading in my palms, healing my back and neck pain and driven out spirits that has been haunting my soul and eating my energy. Everything that he's seen about my past and about my personality has been right. Things no one else knew, he have been finding out just by reading in my palm or touching my shoulder. At first he really freaked me out, but since I love the paranormal and supernatural I have really started to believe in this guy. He's kinda my mentor now. If somethings up or somethings bothering me, when I'm in a strange mood and don't know what it is, I just go to him and asks if he can find out what's wrong with me. He knows my soul better than I know it. It's sorta creepy, but also kinda cool.

Much is happening in my personal life, so talking to a psychiatrist and a healer has been much help for me. I'm trying to change, be a better person, but by doing this major change to myself there has been allot of things that I don't handle that well anymore. I'm more fragile and moody than before. I'm very emotional at times and I can suddenly just burst into tears, now I don't need to listen to a song or see a sad movie. I just start to cry uncontrollable or I click. I get this anger attack and I snap at everything and everyone. It's really stressful and I'm trying to handle it the best way, but I'm clueless of what to do. So I guess I'll just take it one step at a time.

I'm really out of my mind these days. I'm confused. Disoriented, I do things I shouldn't be doing. I keep prioritizing the wrong things. I keep making the wrong decisions. I don't really know how to live my life, I just live it. Hoping that I will survive each day the best way I can.
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I'm so sorry for my long absence!! I've been on a total rush wave lately! Things have been happening all the time. I've already managed to get my heart broken, twice. And the worst part is; I still cook for my last ex :P how dumb is that? :P well well.. School is really hectic at the moment. I'm doing great on the normal classes like Science, norwegian and english and such, but in the food classes I SUCK!!! :O it's a nightmare!! I really really want to do it good, but I keep messing up my tests :S I think I'm gonna fail most of the classes :'( It's just so hard!!!

Anyways; thank you all for being so patient with me. I'll try being more productive in the future =) <3

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT; If you need someone to blame, blame it on :iconlittlegrapefruit: She's my muse, but she has totally just ABANDONED ME!! :O <,3
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