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A/N: Damn that took forever! My muse is still gone, but I'll do my best on this 'kay? Sorry for my long absence and all that shit. Btw; I've got 0ver 3,000 pw's now :D *scream of joy* I noticed it a long time ago but didn't have any art or stories to post, but yea.. This is a 3K dedication if you'd like ;D Enjoy <3

Chap. 2 : I'll protect you
Sasuke & Sakura

"So.. You've been a slave for you whole life?" A hollow grunt was all she got from him. The pink haired girl sat on a fence, watching Sasuke make a cage for her cat. She had tried to start a conversation with him all morning, but to no use. He had only grunted or given her one word replies.
"Your not that talkative are you?" Another grunt. Damn, now he really pissed her off! Why couldn't he just give her a normal answer or at least try? Stupid anti-social-emo brat!
"You know, my birthday isn't until next week, but since Ino and the others are born on the spring too, we just celebrate our birthdays together."
"You don't say?" She got a deep wrinkle on her forehead. God dammit dude! Just try to sound a tad interested!
"Mhm.. I'm the youngest of us. Hinata's the oldest, then it's TenTen and Ino is right before me, yesterday actually."
"You know what? I don't care! Really I don't care! I just want to do my job, without you hanging over and distracting me. It's kind of annoying." "Sorry, I just wanna get to know you, is that so wrong?"
"YES! I don't need your pity! I know what you think of me, that I'm a mental wreck and stuff. But I'm not! I'm fine, so just back off!"
Sakura jumped down from the fence and gave him a narrowed stare. "Fine! And just so you know; I couldn't care less about you and your stupid imaginary problems!"
She marched across the garden and slammed the door as she went inside. Sasuke leaned over the shovel and followed her movements with his eyes. Why should he vare about her opinions and her feelings? As soon as the week was over he would so defenitly get the hell away from here. There was no use in bonding with people. It was gonna be hard enough to separate with the guys. He didn't need a girl on his mind right now.

It took him the rest of the afternoon to finish the cage. He felt a little guilty for shouting at her so he gave it a little extra touch. He carried the 'box' inside and looked for her everywhere. It had gotten very late so he had thought that she maybe sat on her room, sulking or whatever rich girls did these days, but no, she was nowhere to be found.
The main door opened and Mr. Haruno came falling in the door. Sasuke stood on the top of the stairs looking down on the entrance hall.
She came out from one of the rooms, greeting her father with a bright smile on her face. Sasuke smiled a little, she was such an easy person. Always trying to please others, making them feel better by being nice, even when they didn't want it or.. in his case, deserved it.
He felt sort of selfish for telling her that he didn't need her pity, but he didn't. All he needed was someone to talk to, someone who understood the hell he had been through. She didn't, that's why he pushed her away. He didn't want to bother her head with all the crap he held inside, she was a fragile soul in this messed up world.

"Hello father, want me to take your coat?" "Get away from me you whore!" Sakura stepped back and stared at the floor. Mr. Haruno reeked of alcohol and the smell alone was enough to force a few tears from her eyes. "A hot bath then? I can get one of the servants to heat the water for you?" "I said get away you filthy whore! You are not my child! You're the child of a whore, wich means you're a whore."
A powerfull hand hit her cheeks and she screamed, fell to the floor and held on the sore spot. "My mother was not a whore! She never cheated on you dad!" "SHUT UP! You're not my daughter, you have no right to speak to me like that. Now get up so I can hit you again." He kicked her in the stomach, made her scream again. His fingers wrapped around her hair and he pulled her up.
A scream of pain filled the hall. "DAD!! STOP IT!!" Tears fell down her face, she saw a movement right next to her. A raven haired boy grabbed her father's arm and forced him to let go.
"I will not allow this punishment on Miss Haruno. She's innocent. It's not her fault that her mother cheated." Sasuke stared into the eyes of Mr. Haruno. "Slave, get your hands off of me! NOW!! That's an order!" "I'm sorry sir, I cant do that unless I'm sertain you wont hurt Miss Haruno."
Sakura dried her tears and got up from the floor, she placed herself behind Sasuke and grabbed his shirt, holding tight, looking at her father with watery eyes. As soon as Mr. Haruno saw the look in his daughters eyes, he started weaping. "I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry Sakura. My little cherry blossom. I didn't mean to harm you." "It's OK. I know you don't mean it.. I'm used to it." She whispered. She gave her father a hug and together they stood there, crying onto anothers shoulder.
Sasuke bowed and stepped backwards. This was none of his buisness.

"Sasuke!" He stopped. He was halfway down the coridor that lead to her room when he heard her shout his name. "What?" His voice was harsh and cold. "Uhm.. I just wanted to.." "No need to. It's my job to serve you." "No.. Sasuke. Really. Thank you." She stepped in front of him and caught his eyes. "You saved me.." She smiled and a dim pink color grew on her cheeks. "I.. Thank you.." "Are you ok?" "Hmh?" "Your cheek, your still bleeding." "Oh.. It's just a scratch, some ice and it'll be just fine."
Before she knew it he was holding her in a firm grip, one hand around her waist and one hand wiping her cheek. She looked at him, in a state of shock and surprise. "S..Sasuke.." "I can sow it." He said gently. "Do you have a first aid kit in your room?" She nodded. "Y-Yes.." "Good.. Come on." He picked up the cage again and walked behind her to her room.

They sat on the bed. Her eyes rested on the cage he had placed on the table. A wague smile came to sight on her lips and she looked at him. "Thank you.." "You already.." He reached out, about to put a plaster on the wound. She took his hand and looked into his eyes. "No I didn't.. Thank you Sasuke. Thank you for the cage, thank you for saving me, and thank you." "What was the last thank you for?"
He looked at her, not showing any sign of feelings. He was unreadable. A mystery. He removed her hand and placed the plaster. Stroke his thumb over the wound and on his face he could see a small hint of a smile. "There.. As good as new."
Gently she placed her fingers on his hand, still touching her cheek. His movements had frozen and he didn't remember how to pull away. Just looked at her with his black, mysterious eyes.
"Can I kiss you?" He whispered. As soon as the words left his mouth he regreted it and pulled back his hand. He stared down at the floor. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't ha.." Before he could say another word he found her lips on his, forcing him to silence. He laid his arms around her, closing his eyes and placing her on the bed.
What the hell had he just done? This was sertainly not a wise descision. This was without doubt the most stupid thing he had done in his life. But he couldn't help it. Even though he knew this was bad, he didn't stop.
He wanted to kiss her, wanted to touch her, and he wanted to be with her. A tear fell down her face as he whispered into her ear "I'll always protect you.."
Chapter 1 - [link]
Chapter 2 - You are here!
Chapter 3 - In progress?

Tell me guys: should I finish this story or not? If the majority wants me to finish it I will try and do so with about 2-3 more chapters.

YAY!! New chappie!! ^^ Finally! I'm SO SO SO SORRY!!! Dear fan club! x''D *laughs* I promise I'll do better next time and hopefully next time wont be so far away =P
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DeathDeparted Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2009
hey where's the third chapter haha

nice story its real cute:D
aquadore Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
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Link bilde av Seijuro Shin frå Eyeshield 21: [link]
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